Enveloppes Imaginaires

 The imaginary shell is a body like another self. Fashioned, molded, sculpted, tinkered with. And the traces of the possible selves are embedded in the material. These little alter egos, imaginary beings who run on the fluff of the outfits. They are the garment’s memory. The dress is a persona, and then I enter the character. The colors are in metamorphosis. I live in this skin suit.

« I fell in this body, in this name (…) I live in this skin costume. »
Castellucci, Romeo « Scènes imaginaires: Romeo Castellucci », Fictions / Théâtre et Cie, France Culture, 20/12/2015. 

« What visits you is your own body, which comes to you in an unknown form and takes place in the mold of your skin. (…) This skin that has just been revealed to you is precisely a costume.» 
Castellucci, Romeo. « Un costume de peau », La Cause du Désir, vol. 91, no. 3, 2015, pp 5-8.

The felting process is a practice closed to sculpting, molding. The clothes are seamless, made in one piece, and yet constructed through patching, modeling, shaping, DIY techniques. The making of these pieces goes through several stages that attempt to control and direct the living material. However, in this metamorphosis, the material itself is deciding of its own form, by accident and by the living. It is a body sculpting itself. The felted pieces are all unique and are first created in a much bigger scale to allow them to shrink. This process which engages the body, as much by the size of the preconceived object as by the shaping work required by the material, is long and unstable. And it is through this attention to the material, in each precious gesture of transformation, that it takes on a presence. These pieces are adorned with one-of-a-kind ceramic buttons which have been imagined with the ceramist Pauline Bonnet and created by her.

The collection also consists of several knitted pieces: some are shiny bodycon knits made out of viscose and elastic yarn. Some other are conceived in mohair or lambswool yarns which are then colored by painting the dyes on the garments.

The earrings and the brooches are sculpted in plastic clay, with Swarovski crystals on the earrings. The socks are spray dyed. The silicone shoes are made out of an up cycling process, using existing pairs.